Score Statements and GEN Routines

Score Statements

The statements used in scores are:

  • a - Advance score time by a specified amount

  • b - Resets the clock

  • e - Marks the end of the last section of the score

  • f - Causes a GEN subroutine to place values in a stored function table

  • i - Makes an instrument active at a specific time and for a certain duration

  • m - Sets a named mark in the score

  • n - Repeats a marked section

  • q - Used to quiet an instrument

  • r - Starts a repeated section

  • s - Marks the end of a section

  • t - Sets the tempo

  • v - Provides for locally variable time warping of score events

  • x - Skip the rest of the current section

  • y - Set seed for random numbers, either from p1 or, if omitted, the clock

  • { - Begins a non-sectional, nestable loop

  • } - Ends a non-sectional, nestable loop