version 0.0432

CsoundAV is a version supporting real-time Audio and Video of Csound, the most famous sound synthesis language. Both Csound and CsoundAV are free, open-source and released under LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License).



NB: if you find your downloads corrupted or the connection is too slow, I suggest to use a multi-session download program such as Star Downloader, NetVampire or GetRight


(for Win32 PentiumPro or newer CPUs, without documentation. See relase notes)


CsoundAV_win_FULL.exe  Autoinstalling distribution with examples, media, manuals and the WinXoundPro csd editor by Stefano Bonetti (previous 0.0431 version, you can update it to 0.0432 by downloading one of the following vesions and copying it in the CsoundAV directory).

CsoundAV_Win GUI VERSION executable  only (zipped file).

PyCsoundAV_Win GUI VERSION executable with experimental Python support by M.U.Puxeddu. Requires Python 2.2 or later installed (zipped file).

CsoundAV_Con  CONSOLE VERSION executable (zipped file).

CsoundAV_Win64  GUI VERSION executable supporting 64-bit floating point precision (zipped file).

CsoundAV_Con64 CONSOLE VERSION executable supporting 64-bit floating point precision (zipped file).

BtW: if your computer complains not to have  file msvcp50.dll, you can find it here. You could need also glut32.dll. You have to place them in the \windows\system directory.
N.B. Notice that the 64-bit versions are not tested as much as 32-bit versions, so may contain more bugs.


CsoundAV sources SOURCES of all new GUI and CONSOLE versions for Win32, together with MSVC5 makefiles.


CsoundAV online manual information and addendum of MANUAL specific of CsoundAV in HTML. It covers only CsoundAV-specific topics.

CsoundAV manual (zipped archive) information and addendum of MANUAL specific of CsoundAV in HTML. It covers only CsoundAV-specific topics. You may need also one of the
Main Csound MANUAL in Windows Help format (Recommended. thanks to Rasmus Eckman).

Main Csound MANUAL in PDF and HTML format (thanks to David Boothe)
versions of main Csound manual:

CsoundAV tutorial this tutorial covers the part of CsoundAV related to graphics (thanks to Andres Cabrera).


Here are some orc/sco and csd files designed with CsoundAV (and an older version called DirectCsound)

Examples related to CsoundAV opcodes in csd and orc/sco format (this collection will be more complete in the future) by Gabriel Maldonado.

Instruments and processors for CsoundAV by Josep M Comajuncosas

Classic Sound Synthesis Techniques for CsoundAV by Luca Pavan

DensityWidgets for CsoundAV by Alessandro Petrolati

Compositions for CsoundAV by Arthur B. Hunkins

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No old versions sorry...


If you want more information about Csound, visit The Csound Front Page, the root Csound site.


In the first half of 2003 will take place the III edition of  the CsoundAV Workshop. More information (in Italian language) can be found here.


 Here is a news forum specific to CsoundAV.

OTHER USEFUL TOOLS related to CsoundAV

VMCI Plus by Gabriel Maldonado. This program allows to control Csound and other Midi instruments in realtime and to program configuration patches. New version implements Snapshots and the unique Hyper Vectorial Synthesis control.

by Gabriel Maldonado, an utility that converts a MIDI file to a Csound score file.

WinXound, a cool csound editor with syntax highlighting and more. Thanks to Stefano Bonetti

Wcshell, a good Csound launcher for Win95 (includes also a lot of tools for manupulating orcs and scos). Tanks to Riccardo Bianchini

Density, a user interface for  realtime granular synthesis, thanks to Alessandro Petrolati

, a visual score editor and frontend for CsoundAV, thanks to Daniel Lopez

Silence, AXCsound and JCsound
implementing the MML (Music Modeling Language), a new representation of music, thanks to Michael Gogins

Visual Orchestra, another Csound shell with the ability to design your orc file visually. Tanks to David Perry 

SY.MU.S, A music generator software that include a windows interface and several utility for Csound. Tanks to Luigi Negretti Lanner 

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