Jcn MultiFx unit

A preliminary release of my new multieffects unit. A huge Csound project! Works as a completely graphical device, based on G.Maldonado's CsoundAV features. No Csound knowledge is needed to run it. Please com back soon to get a more finished release.

NOTE: this multieffects requires quite a beast to run. I test it with a P3 1GHz + 384Mb ram.

GUI for the multieffects and the effects themselves, for realtime parameter control. The effect boxes dynamically show the appropiate GUI for each active effect.
User can choose among 100 effects, including most of the original Csound processors, and the classic effects from Mikelson and Cook multifxs. (THE PRELIMINARY RELEASE HAS ONLY A FEW OF THEM)
Up to 8 simultaneous effects allowed. Free signal routing, even with audio feedback, with a 8x8 matrix (dry signal enters row 1 and output is row 8) Ability to save machine and effects states as presets for later recall. (NOT IN THE PRELIMINARY RELEASE)
And much more...
To optimize performance any effect which doesn't send or receive audio is automatically deactivated. You can do this manually too. Unfortunately it requires kr=sr in order to perform routing and feedback correctly, which enormously increases cpu demands.This multieffects should work in realtime (PIII 700MHz minimum if working at sr=22050Hz), to allow interactive experimentation with new signal generators. It is not aimed to live performances though, and works internally with mono signals only by now.If you want something similar, more powerful and expandable, and aimed to live performances, take a look at However, you'll loose all the Csound processing power. In case you have a nice effect to share, please send it to me and I could consider adding it to the machine.

Available effects: Cruncher, Direct Convolver, Feigenbaum Ringmod, Morpheable Filter, variable Comb/Allpass, Zoelter's Parametric Eq, R. Bristow Johnson's Eq, BreakBeat Cutter

Known issues: A bug (?) in the menu-effect trigger system causes more than occasional Csound crashes when changing effects. I'll look at it when I have some time. I know there's a bug in 4.19 (on which CsoundAv is based) relating expansion of GOTOs number, maybe that's the reason?

Not sure whether the BB Cutter does work as intended...or not. But it rules!

The background bitmap in the Feigenbaum Fx doesn't fit correctly. Not idea why :(

MultiFx.csd is too large. Possibly I'll create a macro for each effect.

Files included:

MultiFx.csd The main file, includes the Dsp code for all the effects
FxMenus.h Macro to display the names of the effects to choose
FxContainer.h,FxWidgets.h Macros to set up and control the GUI for the individual effects
FxUpdtCol.h, FxUpdtCol.h Macros to handle the signal routing
FxInOut2.h,FxControllers.h Effect container and macro to handle the routing of the controls
background bitmaps and sound samples

download csd, macros & auxiliary files (tu run it, drag&drop MultiFx.csd on the CsoundAv icon)


experimental distortion unit

A rather sophisticated distorter + GUI. Based on an extremely modified tanh() based distortion, it can distort a sine wave into a square, a pulse or even a circle wave, among other shapes. For the curious I've attached a pdf file showing the formula and the transfer function.

download code & files download pdf file

stereo delay with damped cross feedback rotation matrix

A simple cross-feedbacked delay whose spreading is controlled by a delay feedback matrix rotation angle.

download code & files

Reverb macro

Press here to go to my Reverb Collection page. A macro file which contains dozens of Csound reverb algorithms and lots of Impulse Responses to be used with the Csound convolver unit.

Psycho exciters

Two different Psychoacoustic enhancers for your collection: an emulation of Steinberg´s Spectralizer and a port of CLM´s Audio Enhancer, and a Sync Modular version with feedback in the waveshaper module to add more harmonics.

download code & files and the Sync module

Direct convolver unit

A 64-point convolver unit to use as a variable filter. For Sync Modular. Simply a 64-tap delay line whose coefficients are controlled by a group of LFO's. Just to emulate the recently implemented opcode in Csound (v. 4.12) for direct convolution. This is a very beta release!

download code & files

Waveguide resonators

I gave them up. Too much work guys...

download code & files