Features to be implemented in upcoming versions

Please email any feature requests that are not yet on this list!
    Version 1.1
    will be last os9 version (bug fix releases possible)
  • default to no input device?
  • default to realtime
  • Remove WelcomeMessage and replace with a template orc/sco
  • GUI for Util params
  • get demo csoundlib code

  • ---------------bugs---------------
  • bug update of help text when switching
  • crash bug on corrupt prefs
  • midi crash on stuck notes 2 device crash w/ emi 2|6 prints bug if then at itime [scogen] check pvx files crash when quit os9 dashow demo orc crash
  • GUI opt-drag for copy
  • Automatic Post-process for rescale, etc..
  • update to new ffitch sources
  • test OSX memory manager again
  • reinstate calling csoundlib for opcodes
  • better way to do default directories
  • mouse scroll on shift for slider
  • fix toggle button for lock
  • add tooltips for gui objects (and others?)
  • change to new file icon on created files
  • need a prefs for speed of opcode update?
  • get audio devices saved in prefs
  • change prefs to cfprefs [osx]
  • window menue [osx only]
  • default opening so not in textedit
  • Options for OS9 Memory Allocation [specific, all, %, etc]
  • OSX Installer? or just a disk image?
  • Allow Effects/Examples/Tutorials in User space
  • Update/Expand example files
  • Update/Expand Effects
  • Update/Expand Documentation

  • ---------------csound~ ---------------
  • remove csound~ memory manager for OSX
  • fix new paths in csound~
    Version 1.2
  • Multi-instance (& multithreaded?) for OSX
  • Record to file [needs multi-instance]
  • SaveAs AudioUnits
  • GUI Function Editor [at least gen 5&7 w/ breakpoints, others? 6, 8, 3, 13, 14, 15]
  • More GUI Object Params [message obj text styles, meter obj colors & control, slider finetune, text control, etc]
  • New GUI Objects [fielder, check box, editNumber, bitmap, scrollable NumberText, more functions for Button, ?]
  • GUI Function Object/Window Restructure [only one func, no scroll (click/drag), better rt animations]
  • GUI .csd info would be better for finder previews if saved after score data
  • GUI Undo/Redo for: NewObjects, resize, cmd-[] (both text indent and object fore/back] and arrowKeys
  • GUI grouping [maybe as with its own ioview]
  • GUI objects adopt background color of the object below rather than ioView's background?
  • Redesign soundfile effects to display a GUI and/or AudioUnits, and use CsoundLib for playback instead of quicktime
  • soundfile player uses space bar to play/stop and return key to return to beginning
  • Move Prefs to document-based [window position, etc]
  • Display line numbers
  • Popup menu to skip to another instr.
  • Save Output Messages to file [check?]
  • A button in options that will display commandline opts [run csound w/o files]
  • More Coreaudio options and launch AMSetup.
  • MIDI mapping to i/o bus [or is easy enough in orc?]
  • More Editor Options? comment out selection, etc..
  • More syntax hightling colors for macros, instr/opcode, sr/kr/etc
  • select button for opcode lookup path?
    Later Versions
  • "fast forward" in rt render
  • volume knob
  • progress bar
  • display waveform for soundfile docs
  • graphic sound file editing/mixing
  • graphic fft data display/editing
  • graphic orchestra display/editing
  • graphic score display/editing
  • allow perl/etc preprocessing scripts

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