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MacCsound 1.2a3 OSX [2005.02.22]

This is an alpha version of MacCsound 1.2 for OSX. [note this is just the application, if you want documentation, example files, etc download 1.1b]

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    Changes & Bugs Fixed
  • Many changes to real-time audio, trying to eliminate crashes
  • NEW GUI objects: checkbox and popupmenu
  • Text Object Additions:
    you now edit text by double clicking on object
    new option for control value scroller [like max's number box]
    [click and drag, the farther away you drag the faster the value changes]
    double click to type in value
    resolution parameter - sets the rounding resolution of display and how big scrolling steps
    left/center/right justification
    added ability to set text for text object from a new opcode 'outvalstr'
    syntax: outvalstr "channel name", "text"
  • Button Object Additions: new option to trigger a control value instead of score event
  • Most GUI objects: created a wider boarder to make dragging easier/li>
  • Added line number display for orc & sco
  • Added instr/opcode selection popup menu
  • Added default opcode plugin directory [/Library/Application Support/Csound]
  • Fixed output file name generation error
  • Fixed analysis crashes and window size errors
  • Fixed "this is a bug" message
  • Fixed temp file creation problems
  • Fixed if/then/ithen/else bugs during i-time
  • Added opcode plugin support
  • Added better error checking for corrupt sfonts/li>
  • Fixed text format errors when pasting from another program

MacCsound 1.1b OSX [2005.01.12]

MacCsound 1.1 for OSX!
    Changes & Bugs Fixed
  • MIDI Out Implemented.
  • New [optional] Memory Manager. if you specify a number > 0 in the options view, the csound render will pre-allocate that amount [in megs] of memory to use for processing. it probably will have no noticeable difference, but using the memory manager will eliminate any memory leaks in CsoundLib, and may increase speed or eliminate some real-time-related crashes.
  • New render option: Write to file during real-time performance. [currently only stereo AIFF supported]
  • Added Victor Lazzarini's new pvs opcodes.
  • Fixed crashes after stopping render.
  • Fixed bugs when audio device presents itself as 2 [1 in, 1 out].
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when changing devices sometimes.
  • Fixed problems when device had different input and output channels.
  • Added saving of Output Message and Function I/O Objects to .csd file.
  • Fixed problems when assigning name to output of an Effect.
  • Fixed crash when cancel Effect.
  • Prevented overwriting soundfile you are applying an Effect to.
  • Changed .csd format to put [MacOptions] at the end for better previewing.
  • Made temp files write to /tmp instead of SFDIR.
  • Fixed rtclock opcode.
  • Fixed advanced option bug with space inbetween -flag and argument.
  • Changed massign to turn off midi channels as per users request. "massign 3, 0" should "turn off" midichannel 3
  • Application bundle now contains CsoundLib.
  • Every user now has $HOME/Library/Application Support/MacCsound created automatically for default.csd and Effects
  • Revised some preference formatting that might have caused problems for some.

MacCsound 1.1a1 OSX [2004.01.13]

This is an alpha version of MacCsound 1.1 for OSX. Finally compiled for native Mach-O, it may present more problems than usual, so that is why this alpha version is being released now. CsoundLibX is now an OSX Bundle.
    Changes & Bugs Fixed
  • Compiled mach-o version
  • New icon
  • Implemented opcode quickref display on current line at bottom of window.
  • Added auto syntax update while typing.
  • Added scrollwheel support
  • Added bullet in close box bullet when doc is modified.
  • Fixed redraw problems when save/revert/
  • Fixed bug in prefs window that 'Choose' button was not initially enabled.
  • Changed Kill/Run menu to contextual Run or Stop

NEW Tutorials [2004.01.03]

New Beginner Tutorials can be found on the download page.
Consider them "beta" - let me know what you think of them!

NEW WEB FORUM [2003.10.01]

Up NOW! Please visit the MacCsound Web Discussion Forum!

Changes and New Features in MacCsound 1.0.3 [2003.10.30]

This is an OSX-only bug-fix replacement of the 1.0.2 version
    Changes & Bugs Fixed
  • fixed bug where soundfile without creator/types are opened as text.
  • Changed application signature to work with digi driver.
  • Fixed problems with drivers with multiple streams [including digidesign].
  • Fixed nchnls=1 to play in all channels.
  • Created a virtual MIDI destination so most other MIDI software can now see and send MIDI to Csound.
  • Better handling and error reporting with incompatible sr/buffersize/etc.
  • Changed midic7/14/21 opcodes in CsoundLib to terminate cleanly [rather than crash] when used with an i-statement instead of midinote.
  • Merged 4.23f07 sources into CsoundLibX.
  • Updated a bit of the documentation.
  • New installer

Changes and New Features in MacCsound 1.0.2 [2003.09.22]

This is an OSX-only bug-fix replacement of the 1.0beta2 version
    Changes & Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed problems when input device != output device.
    (Also note you can switch devices from within the preferences window but consider this still experimental. Use at your own risk!)
  • Fixed WAVE/AIFF file rendering problems.
  • Added 'types' back to open dialog
  • Added multiple selection in the open dialog
  • More logic for replacing DOS lineends to not get double spaced
  • If unknown fileType now assumes TEXT when .orc, .sco, or .csd
  • Fixed export orc/sco bug that added junk at bottom of file
  • Fixed another export sco bug that left off the bottom of the file!
  • Fixed bug where capital file extensions were not recognized
  • Fixed problem in CsoundLibX where multiple-user machines and non-admin accounts could not write temp files
  • -- other changes i forgot to record? --

Changes and New Features in MacCsound 1.0 beta2 [2003.06.17]

WARNING the .csd file format has changed for Text io objects
click here for instructions on how to convert beta1 .csd files into beta2 format
    New Features
  • OS9 Version [fixed rtaudio, move oms to 'always on' to host]
  • GUI Knob object
  • GUI Color background
  • GUI Better inspectors
  • GUI Text object more options
  • GUI Select-ALL
  • GUI Objects Send-to-Front/Back
  • GUI all displays now updated during mouse drags
  • GUI Undo/Redo for GUI cut/paste/clear/drag
  • GUI inspector now disappears in 'lock' mode
  • Made all GUI changes set file as 'modified' for saving
  • Added primitive 'columnize' feature
  • Added menu/key shortcuts for orc/sco/io/opt tabs
  • Added pref option for the default default-dir [ either file's directory, prev dir, or directly specified]
  • Added cmd-[ & -[ for group indents.
  • Added syntax coloring for c-style /* */ comments and non-opcode opcodes [ if,then,else,sr,kr, etc.. ]
  • Made changing options of non-csd files not mark as 'modified' so you can do basic rendering without always being asked to save as .csd.
  • If no score, then no is written in .csd, to allow CsoundLib to create a default dummy score [f0 86400]
  • Enabled 'Play Soundfile' Menu
  • Hard-wired classic render to use 75% of all available memory
  • New about box.
    Changes & Bugs Fixed
  • Revised i/o control channel bussing from GUI objects <--> invalue/outvalue opcodes so that anything can change or listen any channel
  • Fixed many GUI drawing problems while dragging, creating new objects, etc..
  • GUI text and meter immediately display value when channel is specified
  • Fixed GUI Paste in wrong coordinates slider/knob changeable from the orc
  • Fixed bug where GUI drag-select didn't enable edit menu
  • Fixed Redo not enabled and Undo/Redo Menu text.
  • Fixed End-of-Line Display problems for non-csd files.
  • Fixed Drag file onto MacCsound Icon while running causes crash when opening.
  • Fixed bug that added an extra return line every time saved file.
  • Fixed extra garbage in end of GUI object name when save.
  • Fixed most FileType/Creator opening problems.
  • Fixed crash when error returned on sndinfo.
  • Fixed 'only one csoundlib at a time' error not clearing properly.
  • Fixed problem launching rendered soundfile when not complete path.
  • Fixed problem CoreMIDI startup code causing crash on launch.
  • Fixed findcommandStatus for Pause in menu.
  • Fixed crash adding new object after removing message object.
  • Fixed bug where saving smaller file did not erase end of old data.
  • Made FileCreator always be MacCsound when saving.
  • Removed -B from default advanced command-line options
  • -- many other changes i forgot to record --
    CsoundLib Changes
  • 'monitor' opcode
  • 'invalue' opcode gets value at i-time too now
  • Fixes to fout opcodes [but still problems for rt-audio and write to file]
  • Added ffitch's fix to gen23 to allow scientific notation
  • Fixed 'a' advance [may still not work identical as canonical wrt 't' etc]
  • Added 'q' score statement support
  • Fixed WAV file PEAK chunk writing problems.

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