Known Bugs in MacCsound 1.0 beta2 [2003.06.17]

Here is the current list of known bugs.
If you find a a bug not on this list please let me know! Crash reports on OSX are extremely helpful. To enable crash reporting, launch the Console Utility Application and select 'Enable crash reporting' and 'Automatically display crash logs' in the Preferences.
  • coreaudio problems when input device != output device [or is it just input device problems?]
  • Crash closing analysis util window
  • Crash sometimes saving in OS9 [haven't tracked this down yet]
  • Hang after some render errors in OS9.
  • Crash when [files, app?] in a bunch of sub folders [CHECK]
  • Crash closing soundfile if analysis display window was closed [CHECK]
  • Errs importing non-‚.sco‚ file with „import score.š [CHECK]
  • Error rendering file opens old rendered file, if exists. [CHECK]
  • Cannot quit when rendering [throws an error in OSX].
  • Scrolling GUI Window has some drawing garbage
  • GUI Message/Function objs problems after cut/clear/undo
  • BIG delay first selecting GUI Obj or Prefs Window w/ Font Menu.
  • Problems changing messages&functions view choices while rendering.
  • pasting text from external source keeps old color/format
  • find/replace adds an extra space
  • Double-click in finder in OS9 may launch OSX Version instead. [ and will crash! ]
  • OS9 Graphics Filcker/Slow Updates
  • OS9 Has 2 Help Menus
  • Draw problems when saving.
  • Sometimes Insertion Cursor drawn on window header when switching tabs.
  • Automatic file playback problems: playbutton doesnt update and sometimes file doesn't play beginning of file
  • Sd2, Raw, and and float files do not play in soundfile document window.
  • Play when paused is currently disabled on OSX until multiple renders are possible.
  • Output window flashes breifly when open file.
  • Soundfile document naming problems rendering after running an effect.
  • When toolbar/inspector hides window should shrink and vice versa.
  • Shift/Columnize/SyntaxHighlite needs to be its own Action for speed&undo.
  • Shift left should remove spaces
  • last endin doesnt get syntax highlight if no return
  • check invalid variable names in sequencer .csd
  • func window options not saving [need to revise all this]
  • prints with only 1 arg throws an error
  • fprints writes an sd2 header
  • nested if/thens seem to be broken
  • diskin seek bug
  • fout errors w/ different file options
  • fout/ftlen needs to use sfdir
  • -F doesnt use sfdir?
  • 's' score statement has error when used as comment
  • 's' score statement has initial weird printouts when an 'a' statement was before
  • m/n statments cause a crash
  • crash in the anal file search in filelen opcode
  • conflicts with commandline and .csd -L etc..
  • -O creates log file but writes nothing to it
  • commandline option usage() printout doesnt reflect some new changes
  • i-statement with < 1/2 ksmps dur hangs
  • negative p1 kills previous [CHECK]
  • float AIF-C "no comm" error [CHECK]
  • crash on pvocex format [CHECK - & all pv opcodes]
  • grain opcodes [CHECK]
  • rms opcode output [CHECK]

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