Studied classic guitar with A.Ferraro, composition with D.Guaccero, A.Scarlato, G.Chiti, electronic music with W.Branchi, R.Bianchini

Graduated in Electronic Music and Classic Guitar at Italian conservatories

Followed seminars and courses with K.Stockhausen and B.Truax.

Some of his compositions were used at the inauguration of Museum of Contemporary Arts of Maccagno - Italy

Performed several concerts as composer-interpreter in Ecuador

Some of his works were broadcasted by RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) and by some television networks in Quito, Loja and Cuenca.

Researcher of new musical paradigms with the use of computer.

Author of software for the sound synthesis and for the high level control of compositive material.

Multimedial viedo-concerts performed in Italy and in America.

Professor in several specialized courses and seminars about Csound in different countries.

Author of a theory about the generation of micro-intervals.

Promoter member of Fantalogica association.

Member of  Musica Verticale association.

Took part in International Computer Music Conference at Ann Arbor  (USA - 1998)  and in Beijing (China - 1999) presenting DirectCsound (a realtime version of Csound realized by him).

Took part to the “SBC&M '99”  (VI Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music) - Universida Catolica - Rio de Janeiro.

Took part to the congress “Generative Art ‘99” and "Generative Art 2000" - Milan Politechnic University - Italy

Contributed with one chapter to the book "Virtual Sound", edited by R.Bianchini - A.Cipriani - CONTEMPO editions Italy

Contributed with four chapters to the book/CD-ROM  The Csound Book - MIT Press

1999-2003: five sessions of the "DirectCsound Workshop" at "Il Punto di Svolta" - Rome - Italy