.: python scripts and libraries :.
[+] Feldman Performance Function

A Python score-generator that performs music in the style of Morton Feldman's early graphic notation.

This function was originally a part of feldman2.blue, a blue work file that is included with the "Presentation at Berklee - Dec 10, 2002" zip file.

[+] Csound Catalog Indexer

Generates a single html file with links to all orc/sco/csd files and MP3's. MP3 links are file links so will use the browsers default player to view.

The generated html file uses full, absolute paths to the orc/sco/csd/mp3's, so if browsing from a cd, an html file could be generated on a local computer's desktop that will correctly point to the files on the cd.

Note: Before using, edit the "catalogDir" variable to point to the "Csound Catalog" directory on the cd or on your hard drive if you've copied the cd there.

Tested with Csound Catalog 2.1.2 on Windows and Linux

[+] Orchestral Composition Library - Rough draft of text on design of the library (PDF)

Library that models orchestral composition and performance. Licensed under the GNU Public Library.

This document and version were from a pre-release. The most up to date version of this library is currently available as a part of my software blue