The programs on this page were written on Linux, however, most of them can be compiled and used on other systems, too. On Windows, you may need the CygWin package, which contains the C compiler and utilities required by these packages. Also, many programs and orc/sco files, particularly the older ones, assume that SADIR is /Csound/Analysis, SSDIR is /Csound/Samples, and INCDIR is /Csound/Include, so they may need some changes to work on your system (although it may be easier to create symbolic links to the above directories). Binaries and scripts are installed to /usr/local/bin.

These programs were written in C:

[+] Sample rate converter
[+] Score processor and MIDI to score converter
[+] Peak limiter
[+] MIDI keyboard and controller
[+] Old programs required for compatibility

Scripts using Csound as processing engine (these may depend on the above mentioned directory setup):

[+] Csound scripts
[+] Effect processor (including reverb generator)

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