pvs2tab — Copies spectral data to k-rate arrays (or t-variables). Also known as pvs2array.


Copies a pvs frame to a t-variable. Currently only AMP+FREQ and AMP+PHASE formats allowed. Since t-vars are an earlier version of k-rate arrays, the opcode also works with these. The opcode pvs2array is an alias of this one.


kframe pvs2tab tvar|kvar[], fsig


kframe -- current copied frame number. It can be used to detect when a new frame has been copied.

tvar|kvar[] -- t-variable or k-rate array containing the output. It is produced at every k-period, but may not contain a new frame, pvs frames are produced at their own frame rate that is independent of kr. Generally, this vector needs to be big enough to contain the frame samples, i.e. N+2 (N is the dft size). If smaller, only a portion of the frame will be copied; if bigger, unused points will exist at higher indexes.

fsig -- input fsig to be copied.


Example 719. Example

karr[] init 1026
a1 inch 1
fsig1   pvsanal a1, 1024,256,1024, 1
kframe  pvs2tabkarr, fsig1


Author: Victor Lazzarini
October 2011

New plugin in version 5

October 2011.